Support Team

The ARU team has over 90 combined years of experience in law enforcement (including currently active and former officers) and has over 110 combined years of experience investigating all types of transportation collisions, both criminally and civilly. We are experts in forensic mapping and diagramming of motor vehicle collisions involving property damage, physical injury, and death, as well as crimes ranging from violations to felonies. ARU team members have investigated and reconstructed thousands of incidents in cooperation with federal, state, and local police agencies, District Attorneys’ offices, and numerous clients in New York State and throughout the East Coast.

Our experts continually grow their knowledge base with specialized training and certifications, including specialized Collision Reconstruction Training, Specialized Arson Training, and Forensic Crime Scene Processing.

Additional Staff

  • ARU Certified Law Enforcement Officers
  • Experienced Staff of Investigators
  • State Certified Driving Instructors
  • Certified Motorcycle/Snowmobile Instructors
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspectors
  • Certified Auto Mechanics